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What we do, and what each “what” is.

Avalon Interior Design is a full service design + build firm in Portland, Or. We bring a unique style to any space. We can determine the best materials, and we can handle the general contracting and management to make it all come together without taking years off your life. Here are the services we offer, and a little explanation for each.

Residential Interior Design

​This is how we create a new space. We combine the functional needs of your room or home, along with your personal taste or aesthetic to combine a workable, beautiful living space. It’s what gives your home its style and makes it a reflection of your daily life. 

​• General Contracting & Remodeling

Although we have a keen eye for design, one of our greatest services is the management of your project. By acting as your General Contractor, we oversee the day-to-day operations of your project, work with contractors, coordinate with suppliers, and keep the project on schedule and under control. Essentially, we’re taking the stress out of the project so you can focus on the details that are important to you.

 Custom Draperies & Window Treatments

​A window provides a beautiful view, but what surrounds that window should be beautiful as well. Custom wooden framed shutters, Roman blinds, draperies and fabrics add to a window’s appeal.  State-of-the-art wireless covering for light control or privacy adds functionality and convenience. A beautiful window treatment, designed for a specific space, can really unite a room.

 Interior & Exterior Finishes

There are more to walls than color. We offer recommendations on different selections of stone, brick, metal and glass to enhance interior and exterior spaces. We help choose from a wide selection of decorative painting and faux finishes as well as custom treatments for specialty surfaces. Materials, applications, durability and yes, color, are all taken into account.

​• Designing on a Budget

Everyone has a budget. And even the projects with a modest budget are important. We can help you stretch your dollars by focusing on those items that will make the biggest impact to your space, or the ones that will affect your day-to-day living. Sometimes you can’t redo it all in one go. We’ll help make the most of it.

 Estimates & Material Specifications

Our estimation process establishes a budgetary range to work within while we design.  We’ll make material selections that are realistic to your needs and budget. You’ll have your own copy of all the material specifications selected for your project. It’s a great guide for future construction and implementation of your project, or simply when you’re ready to verify a paint color or trim detail.

 Furniture & Fabric Selection

What do you touch most in your living space? It’s not the ceiling. Probably not the walls. Furniture and fabrics not only attract the eye, they demand to be touched. We can help you decide on the furniture that will play an important role in your living space, and suggest the fabrics that you can’t wait to run your hand across.

 Color Consultation – Interior & Exterior

Actually deciding on a “right” paint color gives people the fits. We’ll bring a professional eye to your space and suggest a few complimentary and compatible combinations that will bring the right mood to your living space.

 Space Planning

How can you make your small spaces seem larger with the furniture you’ve got? The answer is in there somewhere, and we can help you find it. We’ll explore a few layout choices that will help make the most of any small, or even not-so-small, space.